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Coaching for STEMM Academics

STEM Women member Shelli McAlpine has recently started a coaching practice to support women in STEMM, with a focus on support around research, teaching, promotion, outreach and leadership. She has a passion for working with Early- and Mid-career academics, helping them to strategically position themselves for recognition and promotion in their existing roles, or work towards career transitions.

Shelli is offering a first one-hour consultation for free - find out more on her website at


The search is on for aspiring leaders in STEM

Until 29 May 2021

The STEM Executive Experience Day is an immersive one day event where you experience a ‘day in the life’ of an executive. For the day you are the executive of a fictitious company and are faced with a series of challenges from making tough decisions, to being the face of the company, to designing strategies for your company and managing difficult staff. 

The WeAspire team are running a competition for two free places in the day program, to be run on 18 June in Sydney, including return flights to Sydney and 2 nights in a 5 star hotel.

Find out more and enter online at - entries close Saturday 29 May 2021, and winners will be announced on 2 June.


Women in Agriculture podcast | ILLUMINATA

Did you know that until 1994, no Australian woman was allowed to list their legal status as "farmer"?

As three PhD candidates from The University of Queensland (and STEM Women members!) Charlotte, Sera and Emily are trying to break stereotypes by starting the ILLUMINATA podcast to highlight the importance of women in agriculture and STEM.

Find out more, including all the episodes, on the website.


Women's Agenda Leadership Awards

Until 31 Mar 2021

The annual Women's Agenda Leadership Awards are once again open for nominations. If you know an emerging leader who identifies as female and uses inclusive, collaborative, compassionate and courageous leadership to blaze a trail, we encourage you to nominate her, or you also can nominate yourself.



2022 Australian Academy of Science nominations now open

From 25 Feb 2021 to 01 May 2021

The annual Australian Academy of Science (AAS) awards are open for nomination and application and support and shine a light on researchers who are making outstanding contributions to science and progressing the advancement of science in Australia.

Awards include the 2022 honorific awards and support for research conferences, research awards and travelling fellowships.

The AAS is seeking applications and nominations of outstanding scientists from all career stages, backgrounds and genders across its various awards, and strongly encourages more nominations of women for all awards, in particular the premier, career and mid-career honorific awards. You can review all of the award options on this Awards poster 2022.

All honorific award nominations close 1 May 2021.

All research conferences, research awards and travelling fellowships applications close 1 June 2021.



Redefining Your STEMM Career Guide - 24 Women leading STEMM stories

This article provides a comprehensive review of the state of women in STEMM and STEMM Leadership in 2020, a snapshot into the future-of-work trends and the top skills that are in high demand. I wrote this article because I want to inspire you to realise your own unique and important STEMM Potential!

There are so many ways you can put your STEMM skills to work.

Learn how 24 leading women in STEMM are thriving in different types of roles and organisations.

One thing that shines in each of them is the way they use their strengths and superpowers to navigate the challenges and setbacks that often stand between us and what we dream about achieving.

Learn why your all-important STEMM skills are exactly what our world needs right now.

And you may just find yourself quietly inspired by the many career paths there are once you start looking.



Authentic Leadership in STEMM Program

From 01 Feb 2021 to 02 Apr 2021

The Your Authentic Self Leadership program is an 8 week program that will give you strategies, coaching, tools and tips to be more confident and feel empowered to become your Authentic Self. This will enable you to get ahead in your career and life. If you want to increase your confidence, manage stress, boost resilience, grow mental toughness, expand your mindset for high performance and accelerate your leadership progress, then this 8 Week program is for YOU! Curious to know more? Book a call with us



Millennial Leadership Program

Until 26 Feb 2020

The Millennial Leadership Program is a 12 month course designed to develop the core skills you need to get ahead as a Millennial Leader. Delivered through a three day bootcamp and fortnightly webinars, participants get to embed leadership habits, refine their communication through leadership coaching, and surround themselves with a supportive mentoring peer group of fellow aspiring leaders.


How gendered harassment affects women in male-dominated industries

Male-dominated industries such as investment management, automotive trades and airline piloting expose women to daily gender-based harassment. Gender-based harassment is not necessarily sexual in nature, but is targeted based on the gender of the victim. Click below to find out more about gender-based harassment, and what the research shows.



Disrupting the System – Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Male Champions of Change has released a report on organizational approached to preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, recommending that the prevention of sexual harassment be a key point of accountability for Boards, CEOs and Executive teams.