STEMcognito – STEM communication video platform to enable and develop outreach skills and promote Australian EMCRs’ skills, research and careers worldwide.

STEMcognito is a new public engagement video communication platform. STEMcognito aims to become a trusted repository of validated scientific and academic video content, in a user-friendly, well-designed environment. STEMcognito allows viewers to choose from four main subjects and several subfields, with differing levels of complexity, thereby ensuring widespread public engagement opportunities. Additionally, our platform supports scientific communication skills development, with the opportunity for researchers to experience live feedback from the public and fellow professionals, thus widening the impact of the platform. A key goal of the project is to promote a culture of discussion around STEM research and to inspire researchers to both connect with a lay audience and with one another. Thus, STEMcognito is the only platform that supports outreach (expert to a non-expert) and “inreach” (expert to expert) communication, with the aim of bringing scientists and non-scientists closer together. STEMcognito gives voice to researchers and eliminates costly stages of specialist video production (such as animations or dubbing). It encourages researchers to fully exploit their existing resources, such as conference presentations. Thus, STEMcognito supports the enhanced use of precious intellectual resources and enhances public engagement with up-to-date scientific content. STEMcognito is free from time zone and location limitations. Australian EMCRs are often penalised for being in different time zones than many of their global colleagues, with inconvenient scheduling making it difficult to follow live seminars or webinars. By depositing videos on STEMcognito, Australian EMCRs will gain access to and be able to distribute their own scientific presentations asynchronously, allowing them to engage better with scientific colleagues.



Mums in Science

Mums in Science is community platform for all women, with a focus on empowering women to create their own opportunities with an emphasis on neglected communities like women in STEM and parents.

The platform provides free access to peer support, information and access to free resources. Collectively these provide a ladder to empower and assist women, helping them to escape destructive and harmful environments that keep them isolated and feeling powerless.

Established in 2005, this network

* creates a community to provide mutual support,
* provides information to those who have the challenge of bringing up children and maintaining a career in science, whether full or part-time, or outside mainstream science.

With the hope that this support:

* will encourage women to recognise their strengths, achievements and talents
* will inspire women to create their own career paths and businesses
* empowers women to prioritise their needs equally with those of others, both at work and at home.

For more information, visit the website.



2022 Australian Academy of Science nominations now open

From 25 Feb 2021 to 01 May 2021

The annual Australian Academy of Science (AAS) awards are open for nomination and application and support and shine a light on researchers who are making outstanding contributions to science and progressing the advancement of science in Australia.

Awards include the 2022 honorific awards and support for research conferences, research awards and travelling fellowships.

The AAS is seeking applications and nominations of outstanding scientists from all career stages, backgrounds and genders across its various awards, and strongly encourages more nominations of women for all awards, in particular the premier, career and mid-career honorific awards. You can review all of the award options on this Awards poster 2022.

All honorific award nominations close 1 May 2021.

All research conferences, research awards and travelling fellowships applications close 1 June 2021.





FameLab is a live science communication competition that aims to discover charismatic early career scientists who can inspire people to see the world from new perspectives. It is run annually in Australia and in over 25 countries across the world. 

If you think you can explain a scientific concept to a general audience, in just three minutes, FameLab's the competition for you! You could become the new face of science, represent your country at the FameLab International final in the UK, and open doors to global opportunities in science communication.



WOMEESA network

WOMEESA is a 100% volunteer run association aiming to create a unified Australasian network of women working in Earth and Environmental Sciences across academia, industry and government.



500 Women Scientists

More than 20,000 women of STEM and supporters from more than 100 countries have signed in support of 500 Women Scientists, pledging to build an inclusive scientific community dedicated to training a more diverse group of future leaders in science and to use the language of science to bridge divides and enhance global diplomacy. Projects include an international database of women in STEM, resources for gender equity and a wikipeda-edit-a-thon.