STEM Sisters Workshops

From 09 Sep 2021 to 14 Oct 2021

STEM Sisters is a group of diverse yet like-minded women international students and migrants committed to diversity and inclusion in the STEM fields. The goal - to ensure culturally and lingually diverse (CALD) women have the ability to pursue their professional goals.  

Now more than ever, it is important to be a part of a community that understands your lived experience in science, technology, engineering and mathematical fields. 

So why not join? There are no memberships, fees or requirements. Attend an eventjoin the LinkedIn Group, to become a member. As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on our volunteers' generosity in managing our initiatives. If you also wish to support us, we welcome you to be a STEM Sisters volunteer. 


Our next two free workshops are Approaching STEM Employers with Confidence on the 9th of September, 2021 from 12pm to 1pm via Zoom; and STEM Resume and Cover Letter on the 14th of October, 2021 from 4pm to 5pm via Zoom. 


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STEMcognito – STEM communication video platform to enable and develop outreach skills and promote Australian EMCRs’ skills, research and careers worldwide.

STEMcognito is a new public engagement video communication platform. STEMcognito aims to become a trusted repository of validated scientific and academic video content, in a user-friendly, well-designed environment. STEMcognito allows viewers to choose from four main subjects and several subfields, with differing levels of complexity, thereby ensuring widespread public engagement opportunities. Additionally, our platform supports scientific communication skills development, with the opportunity for researchers to experience live feedback from the public and fellow professionals, thus widening the impact of the platform. A key goal of the project is to promote a culture of discussion around STEM research and to inspire researchers to both connect with a lay audience and with one another. Thus, STEMcognito is the only platform that supports outreach (expert to a non-expert) and “inreach” (expert to expert) communication, with the aim of bringing scientists and non-scientists closer together. STEMcognito gives voice to researchers and eliminates costly stages of specialist video production (such as animations or dubbing). It encourages researchers to fully exploit their existing resources, such as conference presentations. Thus, STEMcognito supports the enhanced use of precious intellectual resources and enhances public engagement with up-to-date scientific content. STEMcognito is free from time zone and location limitations. Australian EMCRs are often penalised for being in different time zones than many of their global colleagues, with inconvenient scheduling making it difficult to follow live seminars or webinars. By depositing videos on STEMcognito, Australian EMCRs will gain access to and be able to distribute their own scientific presentations asynchronously, allowing them to engage better with scientific colleagues.



An intersectionality walk, with structural change

SAGE ACT regional network has developed an action-based activity to allow others to better understand how intersectionality affects an individual’s engagement at work, and how identification and mitigation of structural barriers can change this. A resource pack (PDF or DOC), introductory video, slide deck and walk tracker are all available to download and use.



STEM Sisters

Stem Sisters is home to a diverse group of female international students and female migrants committed to an intersectional approach for empowering women of Colour in STEM fields.