Loretta Dorstyn

Senior Research Fellow
University of South Australia

Adelaide, SA

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My broad research interest is understanding the intricate link between genomic stability and cell death. We use mouse models of tumourigenesis, molecular and cell biology, RNAseq and proteomics techniques in aim to uncover the mechanisms by which the conserved cell death proteases (caspases) regulate genomic stability, metabolism and the oxidative stress response. Our goal is to understand the regulation and function of caspases in these processes and roles in tumour suppression and normal ageing responses.  I have made seminal contributions to the cell death field, including the evolutionary conservation of caspase regulation mechanisms from flies to mammals. I have supervised and managed projects related to caspase-2, including current projects that detail caspase-2 activation mechanisms in genomic stability and role in energy homeostasis, fat metabolism and high-fat diet induced obesity.