Aria Lee

Research Assistant
Sydney Institute of Marine Science

Sydney, NSW

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I am a marine ecologist and invertebrate biologist. In 2018 I completed my PhD at UNSW Australia in the centre for Applied Marine and Estuarine Ecology (AMEE). My research centred on invasive species inhabiting coastal areas with a high density of anthropogenic structures. In particular, I focused on sessile invertebrate communities from Gulf St Vincent, South Australia, using experimental and descriptive methods. My main species of interests are invasive asicidians such as Ciona intestinalis, and invasive polychaete worms such as the European fanworm , Sabella spallanzanii. I also discovered the presence of Branchiomma and Parasabella polychaetes in Gulf St Vincent, previously unknown to the area, and I am conducting molecular analyses to delineate species and determine the origins of these worms.