Zakia Afroz

Casual Academic
Murdoch University

Perth, WA

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I participated in 2017 and 2018 IMNIS Energy-Minerals Resources WA pilot program. I am currently undertaking my PhD in the School of Engineering and IT at Murdoch University.

Prior to my PhD study, I worked in an autonomous organization (Bangladesh Industrial Technical Assistance Centre) under the Ministry of Industries, Bangladesh for six and a half years. Simultaneously I carried on my masters in renewable energy and completed that in 2011. Also, I worked in a multi-national power plant company from February-June 2008. In 2014 I migrated to Australia as a skilled Mechanical Engineer (ANZSCO 233512). I have been awarded the Murdoch University Research Scholarship (MURS) for the PhD program and commenced my PhD in January 2016.

The focus of my research is to improve energy efficiency in building sector. From my PhD research I discovered that it is not an easy task to balance between building indoor environmental conditions and energy consumption from this sector. Improving the building energy efficiency may create a multi-faceted problem if the resulting outcome cannot maintain the quality and comfort of the indoor environment to a satisfactory level. To overcome this problem, I concentrated on improving the building automation system. My research will contribute to maintaining an optimum level of energy consumption in buildings without detrimentally affecting thermal comfort level or indoor air quality. I believe that this research will economically and environmentally contribute to the world by providing the better indoor environment and conserving energy consumption. To apply my knowledge that I gained in my research career I want to get engaged with industry sector after completion of my PhD.