Wei Tong

Research Fellow
University of Melbourne

Melbourne, VIC

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Dr Wei Tong is a research fellow in the School of Physics, at The University of Melbourne and the National Vision Research Institute, at The Australian College of Optometry  Her research combines biomaterials and neurophysiology, aiming at developing advanced technologies for robust, high resolution neural stimulation and recording. Since 2012, she has been extensively involved in the development of a diamond-based retinal prosthesis, the Diamond Eye, for restoring high-quality vision to the blind. This development was started with Bionic Vision Australia, followed by an Australian-Canadian company, iBionics. Currently, she is involved in several projects that explore the potential of carbon, the primary element of biological, for multimodal neural interfacing. She is also a mother of a little boy. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.

Wei identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.