Vivasha Govinden

PhD student
University of New South Wales

Sydney, NSW

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I am a PhD student at the School of Materials Science and Engineering in UNSW. My research focuses on making  very thin ceramic films to investigate the science in it. More precisely, I investigate the ferroelectric coupling with the introduction of a dielectric spacer between ferroelectric thin films, leading to occurence of topological defects that exhibit emergent phenomena. This is key to applications in nanoelectronic sensors, memory and logic devices and electromechanical systems. Well, in short, we are researching on the future low energy electronic device. When I am not in my laboratory or sitting at my desk doing data analysis, I enjoy learning new languages. Being from Mauritius, I know 5 languages by default. Learning new languages is exciting because I love to associate aspects of the new languages to the aspects of languages I already know.