Utkarshaa Varshney

Research impact analyst
RACE for 2030

Kingsford, NSW

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  • Mentoring
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I am a solar energy researcher trained in India, USA, & Australia. I possess strong leadership skills, expertise in community engagement, Occupational health, and safety along with excellent communication skills and teaching experience. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in solar PV at UNSW Sydney. Earlier, I completed my Masters of Science (M.S.) at State University of New York, USA in 2017. With multiple international publications, I was invited to present my research at the University of Oxford and KU Leuven. In addition to intensive research expertise, I am also a science communicator. In 2019, I won the prestigious 3-minute thesis competition at UNSW Engineering. I have been invited for numerous radio interviews and was featured at The Science Show, ABC. 

Utkarshaa identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.