Tracy L'Allier Ebacher

Higher Degree By Research Candidate
Griffith University

Gold Coast, QLD

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My vision is that nutrition should be a priority in the care of people with chronic diseases. I believe this is achieved by increasing nutritional knowledge and cooking confidence in the population.  I believe people are entitled to simple and reliable nutrition information, which is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. For a start, mindful eating and Health at Every Size should be taught from a young age.  

I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian who is passionate about mindful eating, diabetes, weight management and motivational interviewing. I have worked in university-affiliated hospitals in Canada and Australia for over seven years, helping people understand nutrition and achieve their health goals. I have been involved in the training and supervision of several dietetic students. I have experience in public speaking, delivering nutrition group sessions for people with diabetes, and in facilitating healthy cooking demonstrations. I also am a natural leader and have held several supervisory roles, including food service manager with over 45 employees. 

I am currently completing my higher degree by research at Griffith University, with the Healthy Primary Care team. I am investigating the carbohydrate intake of Australian recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 

Tracy identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.