Teresa Slaven-Blair

Outreach Coordinator (Astronomy)
ASTRO 3D - Curtin University node
PhD student (Gravitational Waves)
The University of Western Australia

Perth, WA

Contact me for

  • mentoring
  • sitting on boards or committees
  • providing an expert opinion
  • outreach activities
  • conference presenting
  • opportunities to collaborate


I am studying a part-time PhD at the University of Western Australia in gravitational wave astrophysics, where I am searching for weak gravitational wave signals occurring together with bright flashes of radio signals (fast radio bursts). 

I also work part-time at Curtin University as the ASTRO 3D outreach coordinator, where I manage the outreach activities, website, media, etc for the Epoch of Reionisation research group. 

My first passion is astrophysics and my second passion is talking about it! I love to discuss space with anyone, and if I can help someone understand a difficult concept, or learn one myself, I count that as an amazing day. 

Teresa identifies as neurodiverse.