Tania Hidalgo

PhD candidate
CSIRO Mineral Resources

Perth, WA

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Tania Hidalgo received her bachelor’s in petroleum engineering at America University (Colombia) with a thesis in reservoir production optimization by artificial lifting systems for Rubiales field. After graduation, Tania worked as an operational drilling and completion engineer for oil and gas companies for several years. She obtained her masters in reservoir Geology and Geophysics at Barcelona University (Spain) with a final thesis focused on timing of oil formation and migration for NW Zagros (Iran) by using geochemical data. Tania’s is currently in her third year of her PhD with the joint supervision of Curtin University and CSIRO mineral resources under a Parker scholarship. Her research is focus in understanding the fluid-rock interaction of deep ore bodies for in situ leaching applications. She has published a number of papers in renown journals and given conference presentations as a result of the research. Tania is interested in energy and mineral resources production optimization by the application of her geology background. Looking forward to engaging in mineral exploitation industrial projects.

Tania identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.