Suzie Reichman

Associate Professor
RMIT University

Melbourne, VIC

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Associate Professor Suzie Reichman leads the SoilTox Laboratory and teaches about pollution at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia. Suzie’s research aims to increase our knowledge of the impacts of pollution on the environment and humans.  Her research focuses on the effects of contaminants in the terrestrial environment  including soil, plants, invertebrates and human health and includes traditional pollutants (e.g. metals (arsenic, lead, etc) and hydrocarbons) as well as emerging chemicals such as per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Currently Suzie has a focus on urban pollution and Antarctica and she has also researched mine-site rehabilitation, biosolids and land application of wastes, and phytoremediation.  The outcomes from Suzie's research have been incorporated into government guidance and policy, used by industry to make more accurate risk assessments of contaminated land and by the community to garden more safely.