Susanne Schmidt

The University of Queensland
Adjunct Professor
QAAFI Centre for Horticulture
Affiliated Professorial Research Fellow
The University of the Sunshine Coast

Brisbane, QLD

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  • Opportunities to collaborate


I am a scientist and educator working across ecology and agriculture, contributing science and solutions to global challenges in a participatory manner with farmers, regulators and industry: 

1/ the circular nutrient economy: converting wastes to next-generation fertilisers for healthy environments, crops and food.

2/ regenerative agriculture based on ecological principles for ecosystem services, avoiding pollution and producing high quality food.

3/ diverse and climate-adapted crops drawn from the vast range of native Australian plants, produced by Traditional Owners

4/ re-carbonising soils - managing carbon and nutrients stocks with vegetation and soil amendments to combat the rise in greenhouse gases 

Susanne identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.