Shima Taheri

Research Fellow
Macquarie University

Ultimo, NSW

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I am a millennial scientist, a member of Global Young Academy (GYA), and an expert on the synthesize, characterization and manufacturing of advanced materials and technologies including nanomaterials and nanotechnology, polymers, complex materials and plasma polymerization. I have PhD in Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering from University of South Australia, a BSc in Chemistry, a MSc in Organic Chemistry and an MBA in Strategic Management. I have worked in both industrial R&D and academic roles, in Australia and overseas, for diversified areas ranging from automotive through biomedical to construction materials. My works have always been focused on the development of approaches and methodologies that benefit nature and people. My interdisciplinary journal papers are well cited, and I have received many honors and awards. My research interests are materials science and engineering, cementitious materials, concrete structural health monitoring, smart self-healing concrete, nanotechnology, advanced manufacturing, adhesives, sealants, and thin film coatings. My life goal is to make differences in people's life by adding quality and innovation to the day-to-day consumer products.