Shanthi Priya Samudrala

Assistant Lecturer
Monash University

Clayton, VIC

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Dr Shanthi Priya Samudrala currently working as an Assistant Lecturer at Monash University in the Department of Chemical Engineering, studied Applied Chemistry and received her PhD in Dec 2016 at RMIT University. She holds research interest in the area of heterogeneous catalysis, bio-glycerol conversion to commodity chemicals, fine chemical synthesis involving organic transformations, three-dimensional printing in catalysis and microwave chemistry. She has developed a solid background in both experimental and theoretical aspects of catalysis and green chemical reactions during her research career. She has been awarded prestigious 'Bennett Research Excellence Award' from RMIT University in 2016 for outstanding research contributions. Dr Samudrala's research primarily sits in the area of green chemistry and sustainability that involves the development of novel and highly efficient catalytic materials for the production of value-added chemicals from biomass-derived feedstocks by using eco-friendly and economic viable synthetic routes that would indeed increase the sustainability of biofuel and chemical industries. She has always been fascinated by catalytic processes and interested in projects that utilise an emerging fabrication technology, three-dimensional printing, which offers cost-effective and facile approach to create well-designed robust monolithic catalytic materials with structural optimisation.