Shammi Ferdousi

Associate Research Fellow
Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM), Deakin University
Research Assistant
Deakin University

Box Hill, VIC

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Dr. Shammi A. Ferdousi has extensive knowledge in research areas such as electrochemistry, advanced material science and technology as well as environmental science. Meanwhile, she obtained her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in chemical engineering. Previously she worked on nanomaterials specifically nanotubes, nanosheets, nanofibers, nanowires etc. preparation using transition metals (e.g. Ag, Au, Cu, Pt, Pd, Cu, V etc.). With focus on applications in energy and environment (mainly textile waste and other industrial waste water pollution and abatement; catalytic applications; and moisture harvesting technology). She has acquired two patents in novel nanomaterials and moisture removal and water harvesting. Currently she has been working on sodium battery, particularly additives for low cost manufacturing and high performance battery. She is a person with excellent communication skills, rigorous research attitude and a very pleasant personality.

Shammi identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.