Sehrish Kanwal

The University of Melbourne

Melbourne, VIC

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Dr. Sehrish Kanwal is a bioinformatician at the University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research. She graduated with a BS-honours degree in Bioinformatics and continued her career in Bioinformatics with a PhD from the School of Computing and Information Systems, the University of Melbourne. 

Sehrish has a keen interest in workflows, reproducibility and data-centric computational analysis methods. In her PhD thesis, Sehrish empirically evaluated workflow management systems/approaches and implemented reproducibility requirements associated with data-intensive computational analysis.
During her current work at UMCCR, she aims to deliver better health outcomes via leveraging bioinformatics and the translation of genomics from research to clinical settings.

Sehrish has also a deep passion and love for teaching and hence has been actively involved in teaching various Computer Science courses at the University of Melbourne including Database Systems, Algorithms of functional genomics, Data modelling and design.

Sehrish is an active committee member of R Ladies Melbourne. You can find more about her work via GitHub,LinkedIn, and Twitter

Sehrish identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.