Sathana Dushyanthen

Graduate Programs Lead, Online Education & Teaching Specialist (Master of Cancer Sciences)
University of Melbourne & Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Melbourne, VIC

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I am told that there is a fine line between education & entertainment. Infotainment. I plan to walk that line finely. We live in an era where more than ever before, we are all connected through technology. Technology has the power to transform education from two dimensions, to immersive learning experiences. At the same time, technology has led to overstimulation and resulted in shortened attention spans. Dr Sat Dushy is an Educator at the University of Melbourne (UoM) & Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre. She specialises in the use of new and engaging technologies in online education in Cancer Sciences and leads the development of the new, wholly online Master of Cancer Sciences program. She completed her PhD and Masters through the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and UoM. Her PhD thesis was focused on identifying novel combination treatment strategies with targeted inhibitors and immunotherapy for Breast Cancer, that harness the immune system. She is a passionate Medical Educator that has a strong belief in the use of digital technologies such as gamification, virtual/augmented reality and animation to enhance engagement online. She has designed international workshops on ‘Death by PowerPoint’. As a Science Communicator, she has competed as a National Finalist in FameLab and gives STEM career talks to PhD, university and school students. Her most recent educational endeavour includes an animated science YouTube channel called ‘Science in Motion’. Check it out. #scienceinmotion @DrSatDushy @ScienceMotioner @scienceinmotiongram.

Sathana identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.