Sarah Sasson

Clinical Academic

Sydney, NSW

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I am a Clinical Immunologist, Immunopathologist and Postdoctoral Scientist with research interests in T cell biology and cancer immunology.

My PhD was funded by an NHMRC Dora Lush (Biomedical) Scholarship and investigated the interleukin(IL)-7/receptor(R) axis in T cell homeostasis and B cell oncogenesis in the setting of HIV/AIDS. I was part of the Australian collaboration that identified that regulatory T cells do not express the IL-7R alpha chain (CD127), making it easier for T-reg to be studied and isolated. I am currently undertaking postdoctoral training at The University of Oxford, funded by the Oxford-Celgene Fellowship Program, where I am studying autoimmune toxicities of T cell checkpoint inhibitors.

Outside of the lab I enjoy travel, yoga, swimming and spending time with family and friends. I am interested in the cross-section of science and the arts and writing about (and beyond) medicine.