Sarah Larcombe

Postdoctoral Researcher
Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute

Melbourne, VIC

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Dr Sarah Larcombe is a postdoctoral researcher in Microbiology at the Monash University Biomedicine Discovery Institute. Her research interests include healthcare-associated bacterial infections, the gut microbiome, and antibiotic resistance, having received the Royal Society of Victoria’s Young Scientist Award in Biomedical and Health Sciences in 2017 for her work in antibiotic-associated gastrointestinal infections.

As an infectious disease researcher, Sarah is a strong supporter of antibiotic stewardship and vaccination, as well as being an advocate for diversity and inclusion in science. Sarah is also highly active in STEM outreach, having participated in events such as the Monash BDI "Researchers in Schools" Program, the Ecolinc "Girls in Engineering, Maths & Science" Conference, and through her role with Pint of Science.