Sarah Bajan

University of Technology Sydney

Ultimo, NSW

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In 2007, I was accepted into the highly competitive Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD programme at the University of Dundee. I specialised in the field of microRNA biology, under the supervision of Prof Gyorgy Hutvagner. My thesis described a novel interaction between the microRNA complex and the ribosome, suggesting a previously unknown mechanism of microRNA-mediated gene regulation. In 2012, I joined the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) as a postdoctoral research associate, continuing to work in the microRNA field. My research areas of interest include understanding how the proteins of the microRNA biogenesis pathway are regulated and determining the tissue-specific transcriptomic landscape of microRNA-associated proteins. I have recently become a lecturer and will focus my career on an emerging role of miRNAs – that of cross-species regulation. I aim to discover the regulatory role of plant/insect miRNAs in honey and how they contribute to honeys known medicinal properties in wound healing.