Riddhi Gupta

Research Staff
IBM Quantum

Sydney, NSW

Contact me for

  • Mentoring
  • Sitting on boards or committees
  • Providing an expert opinion
  • Outreach activities
  • Conference presenting
  • Opportunities to collaborate


Riddhi is an early career researcher in quantum computing research. She obtained her Ph.D at the University of Sydney in 2016-2020 and is currently working on quantum computing demonstrations for IBM. Prior to her career in physics, Riddhi started out as a strategy and operations management consultant in Deloitte, New Zealand. She also lived in South Asia providing resource management and sustainability advisory services.

Riddhi is passionate about producing good science and working towards the slow grind of grassroots change through self-transformation; advocating for better policies, processes and leadership representation in the institutions we interface with, and constantly having opportunities to learn.

Riddhi identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse and lgbtqia+.