Rebecca Poulos

NHMRC Early Career Fellow
Children's Medical Research Institute
Conjoint Lecturer
University of Sydney

Sydney, NSW

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Rebecca Poulos has expertise in cancer biology and data science, currently pursuing research in cancer proteomics and genomics. Dr Poulos is an NHMRC Early Career Fellow in the Cancer Data Science Group (ProCan) at the Children’s Medical Research Institute. Her research to-date has focused on cancer genomics, specifically investigating associations between somatic mutations and DNA repair, methylation and gene expression in cancer. Dr Poulos is currently working in cancer proteogenomics, where she is using big data from cancer proteomes and genomes to find signatures that predict drug response and patient survival. She has experience analysing large high-throughput cancer datasets and processing next generation sequencing data.

Dr Poulos has contributed to a number of published manuscripts including first-author publications in Nature, Cell Reports and JNCI Cancer Spectrum, among others. In 2017, she was awarded an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship to pursue research in cancer proteomics under Prof Roger Reddel. Dr Poulos was also named Cancer Institute NSW Rising Star PhD Student at the 2017 Premier’s Awards for Outstanding Cancer Research ($10,000 prize). She completed her Honours and PhD at UNSW, having received the University Medal (Honours) and a Research Excellence Award for the duration of her studies (PhD).