Paula Andrea Martinez

Software Project Coordinator
Australian Research Data Commons / The University of Queensland
Former R Ladies Brisbane Founder
R Ladies Global

Brisbane, QLD

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My name is Paula Andrea Martinez. I have a background in Computer Sciences a Masters in Bioinformatics. I completed my PhD in Applied Bioinformatics in 2016 with a focus on analysing genomic diversity with computational methods. I have been a bioinformatician and a trainer of computational skills and data management best practices. I am now the Software Project Coordinator of the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) and Research Software Alliance (ReSA) Community Manager. I am now part of a national project delivering and coordinating projects of the Software Program to lead change in the recognition of research software as a first-class scholarly output of research in Australia. I am currently looking at incentivising policy implementation to recognise authors of research software.

I am also a co-chair of the international FAIR4RS working group, co-host of the Visible Research Software interest group, and Steering Committee member of the Research Software Engineers RSE-AUNZ association. 

Would love to get in touch if you have questions or would like to work together.

Paula Andrea identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.