Senior Lecturer
Curtin University

Perth, WA

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I am an environmental microbiologist with 9+ years of experience in research and HDR supervision. With expertise in bio-mineral interactions in natural and engineered constructions, microbial ecology, low carbon cementation technologies, my interdisciplinary research bridges the realms of Microbiology, Geology and Materials engineering for achieving net zero emission mining and sustainability in construction sector.

Having worked extensively on a range of applied biotechnology projects including development of self-healing concrete using microbes, bioremediation of heavy metal polluted sites, biosequestration of carbon dioxide; I am deeply passionate about advancing science and innovation to pave the way for low carbon footprint future.

Along with the experience of working in big teams, I have won and led several prestigious research project and grants including Australian Research Council (Both Discovery and Linkage), Mineral Research Institute of Western Australia grant (in collaboration with CSIRO and top mining industries of Australia), Marie Curie Fellowship (Wales, UK) and Department of Science & Technology India (SPARC) to conduct research, support Post docs and PhD students in multidisciplinary area of Bio-Civil engineering and applied Biotechnology. I am also a winner of various awards and accolades in research and deeply passionate about science communication, gender equity, public speaking and promotion of STEM programmes for inspiring next generation of scientists.

NAVDEEP identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.