Michelle Neil

Laboratory Technician / Forensic Analyst
Forensic Toxicology, FSS, Queensland Health
Australian Citizen Science Association
Social Media Curator and Moderator
Australian Citizen Science Association
Capalaba Toastmasters
Volunteer Scientist
CSIRO's STEM Professionals in Schools
Scout Leader (Joeys)
Capalaba Scout Group
Baritone Saxophone Player
The Jazzy Chats Big Band
Citizen Science Practitioner
Space Scurvy Citizen Science Project
Commissioner for Declarations
Volunteer - QLD Government

Capalaba, QLD

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I am a highly skilled scientist with a background in analytical chemistry and forensic toxicology specialising in coronial cases. I communicate with a diverse range of STEM and industry professionals whilst dealing with the demands of working in a high-throughput laboratory. I undertake volunteer work with CSIRO's STEM Professionals in Schools and World Science Festival Brisbane. I currently hold the offices of Secretary and Social Media Moderator for the Australian Citizen Science Association and can be found on weekends playing my saxophone in the Jazzy Chats Big Band when I am not being a Scout Leader.

I am also the project leader of the citizen science project Space Scurvy which I hope will allow students and the general public to use simple chemistry techniques to examine the juice they drink and question if it is suitable for their needs. I am keen to find out if habits change as a result of this project.