Michelle Lim

Organisational Culture and Change Lead
Reserve Bank Australia

Sydney, NSW

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Michelle is an ambitious and inquisitive individual interested in effectively utilising behavioural psychology, behavioural economics and ethics to gain insight into what drives human behaviour and decision-making. She has a background in Psychology and Neuroscience and also works within the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DE&I) and Ethics fields.

Michelle is currently an Organisational Culture and Change Lead at the Reserve Bank Australia (RBA). Prior to joining the RBA, Michelle worked as a consultant advising on Risk & Compliance and Risk & Organisational Culture and Change Engagements.

Michelle’s work focuses primarily on the role that individual, environmental, societal, and cultural factors have in shaping and driving organisational culture. She views organisational culture and change through a psychological and behavioural lens, and is interested in how these two lenses can be applied to develop targeted strategies to solve and anticipate complex cultural problems.

Beyond organisational culture and change, Michelle also works within the ethics space where she focuses on the role that ethics has in decision-making and governance. Michelle draws on her psychology background to bring a deep appreciation of human behaviour to her work.

In her other life, Michelle’s pastimes include classical ballet, pilates, ocean swims, bouldering, and recipe writing and development.

Michelle identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.