Melanie Roberts

Queensland Water Modelling Network Senior Research Fellow
Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University
Senior Lecturer
School of Environment and Science, Griffith University

Gold Coast, QLD

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Dr Melanie Roberts is an applied mathematician focussed on the development of mathematical models to aid decision making across a broad range of industries.  Her current research is focussed on the Great Barrier Reef, in particular, improving model capability for sediment and nutrient transport in the riverine environment.  Through the development of new mathematical models, Queensland Government and collaborators will be better able to investigate the impacts of changed land use management practices so that we can target interventions to better protect the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

Prior to joining the Australian Rivers Institute, Dr Roberts spent five years with IBM Research Australia working at the intersection of data and physical modelling.  With IBM she worked across a broad range of applications including emergency management, insurance and agriculture.  

Dr Roberts was awarded her PhD from the University of Western Australia in the School of Mathematics and Statistics for the thesis The asympototic analysis of some problems arising in fluid dynamics.    In addition to studies in mathematics, Dr Roberts hold degrees in science communication and education.