Melanie Finch

Monash University

Clayton, VIC

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Dr Melanie Finch is a structural and metamorphic geologist at the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment at Monash University. Her early work focussed on the evolution of crustal shear zones in a variety of settings, in order to understand their development and tectono-metamorphic evolution. In 2016 she was awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, based at the University of Tuebingen in Germany, where she modelled the development of ductile shear zones. She returned to Australia in 2018 in a teaching-research position at Monash University. Her current focus is on the links between deformation and metasomatism in shear zones, focussing on subduction channels as well as in the crust on shear zones related to critical mineral deposits. Melanie is a 2021-2022 ‘Superstar of STEM’ and runs the WOMEESA seminar series, which features monthly seminars from women Earth and Environmental Scientists.