Megan Saunders

Senior Research Scientist
CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere
Honorary Senior Fellow
The University of Queensland

Brisbane, QLD

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My research focuses on the effects of environmental factors, human stressors, and management actions on marine ecosystems. My current research focuses on marine ecological restoration and blue carbon.

I employ a combination of modelling, field and laboratory approaches in my research, which I use to help identify management and policy recommendations to mitigate negative impacts of human stressors on marine ecosystems. My research has been funded in part through a number of competitive fellowships and awards.

Interdisciplinary collaborations are a foundation of my research program, and to this end I work closely with ecologists, engineers, economists, geographers, conservation planners and lawyers.

I communicate science in peer-reviewed publications, presentions, social media, traditional media, and short videos. Prior to my research career I held science communication positions in the education and tourism sectors.