Mary-Anne Lea

Professor, Marine Predator Ecology
IMAS, University of Tasmania

Hobart, TAS

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Mary-Anne has always been passionate about the ecology and behaviour of temperate and polar seals and seabirds. Her research focuses on the way in which marine predators, especially migratory species, interact with their environment at different temporal and spatial scales, and the fine-scale relationships between animal behaviour, prey dynamics and environmental and anthropogenic factors. Her research focusses on the influence of climate change and variability within the marine (and Southern Ocean) environment on top predator behaviour and distributions. She leads a research group addressing marine mammal and seabird ecology and interactions with anthropogenic activities. She is passionate about conserving biodiversity and understanding and mitigating the influence of cumulative impacts on marine vertebrates.

Mary-Anne is a member of the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR) Expert Group of Birds and Marine Mammals, the SCAR Standing Committee on the Antarctic Treaty System, SCAR-CCAMLR Liaison and is a strong advocate for inclusion, diversity and equity in STEMM. She is co-founder and board director of Homeward Bound, a global sustainable leadership initiative for women in STEMM, and co-founder of Women in Polar Science (WiPS).