Marta Gabryelska

Postdoctoral Researcher (molecular biology)
Flinders University

Adelaide, SA

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I was born in Poland, where I obtained Masters Degree in Biotechnology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. In 2008 I was offered a PhD fellowship at the Polish Academy of Science (PAS). I was doing research on non-coding RNAs in the brain and their potential interactions with proteins, creating a small RNA library and seeking new targets for tumour treatment. I designed new catalytic nucleic acids and exploit the subject to develop a new method of prediction of RNA intracellular activity. This multidisciplinary research strategy obtained a better understanding of scientific problems and provided practical solutions. In 2013 I was successful in my application for a postdoctoral position in Dr Grzegorz Kudla lab at the University of Edinburgh. I was optimising new methods for analysis of cellular dsRNA and dsRNA-protein interactions and developing a new method for tracking RNA-RNA interactions in cells, whilst collaborating with Prof. David Tollervey (University of Edinburgh, UK) and Prof. Eric Miska (University of Cambridge, UK). I learnt and mastered bioinformatics skills and performed both wet laboratory and bioinformatics analysis of RNA-RNA and RNA-protein interactions during ribosome assembly and ZIKA virus infection. I became a specialist in RNA interactomics, combining a very rare skill set of both laboratory work and data analysis, ideal for achieving my project goals. Since 2019 I work as a postodoctoral researcher in Assoc./Prof. Simon Conn’s Circular RNAs in Cancer lab, where I am designing a new method for circular RNA capture for interactomics analysis.