Marit Kragt

Associate Professor
University of Western Australia: UWA School of Agriculture and Environment
PVC Diversity & Inclusion
University of Western Australia

Perth, WA

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My research is interdisciplinary, combining science and economics to address important issues affecting our natural environment.

I am an Environmental Economist who focuses on improving the management of our natural resources. My research primarily looks at people's preferences for environmental management outcomes.

I studied Environmental Science with a major in Environmental Management at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. After briefly working at the Dutch Department of Foreign Affairs, I moved to the Australian National University for a Masters of Economics and a PhD in Environmental Economics. I decided to study economics after my science degree, because it seemed that policymakers needed an economic justification to implement environmental policies.

Since July 2010, I have been working at the UWA in what's now called the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment. My expertise lies in agricultural economics, farming systems analysis, mine rehabilitation, and non-market valuation.

I have particular interests in
• Climate change mitigation in agriculture
• Values and preferences for restoration
• Integrating non-market values of environmental goods and services into decision making

Some projects that I am working on include
• Opportunities for crowdfunding climate change mitigation by agriculture
• Non-market valuation of post-mine land use and mine site rehabilitation
• Estimating the costs and benefits of novel manure management using Black Soldier Fly

I am director of the Centre for Agricultural Economics and Development (CAED), part of the Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy (CEEP), and -since August 2021- PVC (Diversity & Inclusion) at the University of Western Australia.