Loren Fardell

PhD candidate
University of Sydney

Newcastle, NSW

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After spending over five years working on research that aimed to preserve populations of the threatened green and golden bell frog with the University of Newcastle, I have expanded into predator-prey ecology. Through my PhD research, at Sydney University - under Chris Dickman and Chris Pavey, I am investigating a gradient of disturbed to remnant habitats in urban, bushland and desert landscapes, to validate if mapping ‘landscapes of fear’ can be used as a conservation tool to help mitigate the impacts of introduced predators and anthropogenic imposed disturbances. To better understand the interactions of predator and prey species, and the compounding interactions that may occur with secondary stressors, such as those associated with human disturbance, I am comparing filmed foraging behaviours and the stress and reproductive hormone levels of the small mammals encountered, using minimally invasive techniques.