Lizzie Manning

Research Associate
University of Newcastle

Newcastle, NSW

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In June 2020 I commenced a new position as a Research Associate at the University of Newcastle. With funding I was recently awarded from the Rebecca L Cooper medical research foundation, I will begin to establish my independent research program under the mentorship of Professor Chris Dayas in the school of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy.
The aim of my research is to use basic neuroscience approaches to better understand the neural mechanisms associated with behavioural dysfunction in psychiatric disorders, with the goal that this insight may help guide development of targeted treatments with improved efficacy over existing options. Disruption of flexible behaviour is a core transdiagnostic feature of obsessive compulsive disorder, addiction, eating disorders and schizophrenia. My research aims to understand the neural basis of disturbances in flexible behaviour across different disorders, which may help guide the development of better treatments that are useful to treat patients with a range of different mental illnesses.