Lana McClements

University of Technology Sydney
Honorary Lecturer
Queen's University Belfast

Sydney, NSW

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Dr McClements is a Lecturer in Biotechnology at the University of Technology Sydney and a qualified pharmacist with clinical experience having worked and trained as a clinical pharmacist in London for five years. Following her clinical qualifications and experience, her research career has been focused on investigating novel mechanisms of angiogenesis and stem cell signalling. Her PhD and Postdoctoral research projects led to the development of novel anti-cancer therapeutic peptides based on FKBPL, AD-01/ALM201; FKBPL-based technology was licensed to Almac Discovery and ALM201 has now completed Phase 1 dose-escalation clinical trials for treatment of solid tumours.

As an independent investigator, Dr McClements’ research aims to identify and develop novel biomarkers and disease mechanisms/treatments related to aberrant angiogenesis, endothelial dysfunction, mesenchymal stem cell activity, oxidative stress, and inflammation in diabetes, cardiovascular disease and pre-eclampsia. Her continuous work on characterising biological roles of FKBPL has led to identification of its novel role in preeclampsia and cardiovascular health. She has been awarded two independent commercialisation grants to develop her patented technology based on FKBPL for monitoring of preeclampsia. At UTS, Lana is leading the Academic Women in Science Network and is an active member of the Science Equity and Diversity Committee, Health and Medical Research Ethics Committee and the Australian Society for Medical Research.