Kristen Sadler

Independent Advisor

Hobart, TAS

Contact me for

  • Mentoring
  • Sitting on boards or committees
  • Providing an expert opinion
  • Outreach activities
  • Conference presenting
  • Opportunities to collaborate


I’m a Future Thinker and emphasise possibilities rather than challenges, I look toward tomorrow whilst acting today. By nature I’m a Curious Generalist, and an Effective Specialist by experience. A Gen X global citizen and multi-local building a portfolio career.

An agile and logical thinker, I take a scientific approach to complex projects. I rapidly grasp new concepts, thoroughly analyse information then formulate solutions whilst anticipating challenges. Often I find connections and potential solutions in seemingly disparate areas due to my broad inter-disciplinary knowledge. I value teamwork, diversity, truth, efficiency, accuracy and precision. I’m a well-informed, capable decision-maker operating with reliability, integrity and tact.

My skills are well-suited to optimizing outcomes for complex projects with multiple stakeholders; particularly across strategic planning, leadership and governance. I support high impact projects by verifying that the ‘right’ questions are asked, that rationale is clear (the ‘why’), and appropriate methods are used for acquiring and analyzing information.

I enjoy working with executive-level leaders, decision-makers, policy-planners and directors who embrace holistic results because I value the ‘how’ as much as the ‘what’.

With expertise in scientific research, academia, knowledge generation and sharing, leadership and governance I offer a unique perspective on today’s and tomorrow’s activities. My areas of interest also include the interface between exponential technologies, knowledge and truth, the future of leadership, and ‘Society 5.0’.

CliftonStrengths profile - I lead with Strategic Thinking. My top strengths: Learner, Responsibility, Individualisation, Arranger, Ideation, Strategic, Input, Relator, Intellection, Positivity.

Myers-Briggs Type – I fall under ENTJ: Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judging.

I’m open to projects in any industry or location which may benefit from my unique knowledge and perspective.