Katrina Wruck

Postdoctoral Research Fellow- School of Chemistry and Physics
Queensland University of Technology

Young Indigenous Women's STEM Academy - CSIRO

Brisbane, QLD

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Katrina Wruck is a proud Mabuigilaig women and Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the School of Chemistry and Physics at QUT. Her research focuses on the formulation of synthetic zeolites derived from mining waste streams for the selective removal of pollutants, such as nutrients, from wastewater. Katrina’s research is cross-disciplinary, encompassing knowledge from the fields of industrial chemistry, process engineering and materials science to deliver high-tech, green chemistry-based solutions for the transition to cleaner adsorption technologies.

As well as being a researcher, she is dedicated to various outreach pursuits that aim to raise aspirations for young First Nations students and girls to pursue STEM careers. In 2022, she was awarded the Judges Award for the Queensland Women in STEM prize (Queensland Museum Network) for her contribution to Science in QLD and her impact on school outreach.

Katrina identifies as neurodiverse and torres strait islander.