Katherine (Kate) Christian

Visiting Fellow
Queensland University of Technology
CREATE Training Coordinator
Centre of Research Excellence in Pulmonary Fibrosis
Early career researchers in STEMM

Sydney, NSW

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Kate Christian has worked in health and medical research for over 30 years, mostly for organisations conducting and supporting cancer research. Scientifically trained, she has chosen not to work in a laboratory, but to use her scientific background and a flair for organisation to manage research projects and assist scientists with the management of their research. Her objectives have included providing environments and skills which encourage effective, efficient research and to encourage and facilitate communication about that successful research to all stakeholders. The nature of her work has involved Kate with many early-career researchers in a range of disciplines, and she has developed skills in teaching them how to manage themselves, their research and their careers. Her recently published book, 'Keys to Running Successful Research Projects: All the Things they Never Teach You' is a compilation of the steps she believes it takes to make a successful and productive researcher. All you need to add is good science! Now, having built up this body of expertise over many years, Kate followed her passion further by undertaking a PhD. She continues to focus on "the challenges faced by early-career researchers in the sciences in Australia", and identifying ways to address some of those challenges. The book provides one such tool.