Karin Fogarty

Technical Services, Dept of Resources, QLD Govn

Townsville, QLD

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With over 14 years’ operational experience in the coal mining industry within Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, Karin has worked on a diverse range of technical issues and projects which covers complex post-mine transition challenges and opportunities such as: active and future economic transitions in mining regions, social dimensions of mine closure, First Nations inclusion, re-commercialisation and beneficial post-mining land use opportunities. Karin’s passion is aligned with integrated mine planning leading to successful mine rehabilitation and closure.

Karin has a PhD in environmental economics from the University of Western Australia. The study explores community preferences and attitudes toward mine rehabilitation and post-mining land use options of coalmines in New South Wales (NSW). A choice experiment (CE) was used to estimate the non-market values held for mine rehabilitation outcomes using a case study of a coal mine in the Central Tablelands of NSW.