Jessica Wood

University of Newcastle

Wallsend, NSW

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The University of Newcastle is currently paving the way in innovative teaching methods within midwifery by utilising virtual reality and augmented reality equipment in its teaching and learning. As a midwifery lecturer at UoN, I am at the forefront of exploring the use of these new technologies and their benefits to student learning. I am currently enrolled in a PhD focusing on the use of a VR neonatal resuscitation app being utilised with Bachelor of Midwifery students. The research seeks to answer the question: "How does a multi-modal approach to teaching neonatal resuscitation influence confidence and stress levels in 2nd year midwifery students?"

Health practitioners who are under increased levels of stress during emergency situations are more likely to make errors in their practice, have a poorer response time in implementing appropriate treatments/interventions, and subsequently put patient safety at risk. Up to 20% of babies require some form of resuscitation at birth, therefore making this one of the most common emergency situations student and registered midwives will face during their careers. This research will allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of using VR in improving student confidence, competence and access to neonatal resuscitation simulation training, while potentially demonstrating a reduction in stress markers as a result. The results may highlight the benefit of using VR as an effective teaching tool when it comes to learning when combined with the standard methods of training in Australian universities.