Jessica Hamilton

Australian Synchrotron (ANSTO)

Melbourne, VIC

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I am an environmental geoscientist with expertise in environmental mineralogy and geochemistry. In particular my research integrates laboratory and synchrotron characterisation at the micro-scale with field-scale applications. My research passion lies in discovering new ways to utilise waste materials, such as enhancing carbon sequestration, soil formation and trace metal recovery from mining residues. I have developed low-cost geochemical treatments that accelerate CO2 trapping within ultramafic mine tailings via natural and accelerated mineral weathering reactions, whilst also tracing the mobility of potentially toxic metals during the process. Most recently, I worked to develop novel strategies to accelerate bioremediation of alkaline mineral waste, scaling up this technology from laboratory to field-trials.

I currently work as a beamline scientist on the X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) beamline at the Australian Synchrotron. This technique can be used to determine the oxidation state of an element, which in environmental samples, often determines whether it is in a toxic or mobile form. XAS is also used to figure out how an element is incorporated into a chemical structure, and how that changes under different conditions (e.g. temperature, pressure, voltage). This technique is popular in geological, environmental, battery, and catalysis research, to name just a few! 

I am president of the Australian X-ray Analytical Association (AXAA) which represents scientists in both industry and academia who are working with X-ray and neutron techniques, and I am passionate about outreach and promoting STEM in Australia.