Jessamy Tiffen

Group Leader
The Centenary Institute
Honorary Senior Research Fellow
The University of Sydney

Sydney, NSW

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Dr Jessamy Tiffen is Head of the Melanoma Epigenetics Group and a Centenary Institute Future Fellow. She leads a research team with a focus on discovering novel epigenetic regulators in melanoma and pre-clinical testing of therapeutic drugs. Since completing her PhD in Cancer Genetics and a post-doc at the Sanger Institute in Cambridge, she has added onco-immunology to her portfolio of research achievements. She has authored 26 peer reviewed papers in the areas of oncology and melanoma including Lancet Oncology, Nature Genetics (x2), Cancer Research, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Neoplasia, Molecular Cancer and Journal of Pathology. She has received over half a million dollars’ worth of research funding as chief investigator. Building on her expertise in epigenetics and melanoma biology, Dr Tiffen is passionate about understanding how changes in histone modifications, DNA and RNA methylation can drive melanoma progression and therapy resistance. Her vision is to generate new knowledge that may lead to the development of novel therapies for melanoma and other cancers.