Jenni Harrison

Director of Strategic Projects & Engagement
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre (CSIRO)

Perth, WA

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I migrated to WA in 2011, to head the (now) Data Division at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, a national facility providing researchers access to leading computation and data resources.  Since 2011, at Pawsey, I have been part of the Executive Team.   I now lead strategic projects and engagement.  In my present role, my responsibilities include leadership, strategy development, negotiation, financial management, procurement, creating and sustaining strategic partnerships, review of policy and risk management.  Over the last 6 years, I have been part of multiple national steering, and advisory groups as well as governance reviews.  I have also established, and Chaired steering groups within my industry.  I have also represented Pawsey nationally and internationally.  In my previous role in NHS Scotland, I led the development of national multi-institution strategic digital initiatives within healthcare education.  In this role, my responsibilities included contract negotiation, risk and financial management, procurement, strategy and policy development.  I was also part of multiple health advisory committees, steering groups, governance groups and an ethics review board.  Previous to my role in the NHS, I was the eResearch Policy Advisor to the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology for the New Zealand Government.  My principal responsibilities included establishing and maintaining a network of stakeholders (national and international).  I led research based activities to enhance collaboration in areas where the New Zealand Government had major investments.  I represented the Ministry at multiple cross-government research, education and technology focussed steering and advisory groups, and provided comment on many national strategies.