Janet Anstee

Research Group Leader
CSIRO Environment

Canberra, ACT

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Janet Anstee is an aquatic remote sensing scientist and Deputy Director of the AquaWatch Australia Mission in CSIRO. Until December 2023 she was Research Group Leader of the Aquatic Ecosystem Processes group at CSIRO Environment's Coastal and Oceanic Systems program. She specializes in applying validated bio-optical models to advance water quality discrimination and enhance understanding of aquatic habitats. Her work encompasses atmospheric radiative transfer, semi-analytical inversion models, and extensive scientific, technical, and logistical expertise in aquatic remote sensing calibration and validation. Janet was a member of the International Shallow Water Working Group (US Office of Naval Research 2008-2011), and one of the leading Australian collaborators in the 2017 NASA COral Reef Airborne Laboratory (2016-2017) and the Australian PI of the International PrimeWater project (2019-2023). Janet is the principal investigator for the newly implemented dark water autonomous calibration and validation facility, which will play a crucial role in validating satellite sensors. She also leads the CSIRO Eye on Water – Australia project which brings together her earth observation skills and interest in aquatic systems with citizen science. Janet has demonstrated experience engaging with Indigenous communities through the Eye on Water project and at AquaWatch Pilot sites.

Janet is an aquatic EO scientist with a background and experience in:

  • Group, Team and Project management
  • Strategic scientific and capability planning
  • Leading multidisciplinary teams and complex research projects.