Janet Anstee

Research Group Leader
CSIRO Environment

Canberra, ACT

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Janet Anstee is a Senior Experimental Scientist with CSIRO's Environment business unit and the Coastal and Oceanic System program where she leads the Aquatic Ecosystem Processes Group.

Janet’s current Aquatic Remote Sensing research focuses on:
• The application of validated bio-optical models to enable improved discrimination of aquatic water quality and habitats.
• The development of a darkwater inland observatory for fiducial reference measurements of water-leaving radiance to be used in the validation of EO data.
• The development of a unique database of bio-optical parameters facilitating the validation of Earth Observation data and the parameterization of regional algorithms.

She has helped develop and apply innovative and complex remote sensing methodologies for monitoring coastal habitats and inland water quality using hyperspectral and multispectral sensors. This work involves atmospheric radiative transfer and semi-analytical inversion models and is underpinned by substantial scientific, technical and logistical expertise in aquatic remote sensing calibration and validation.