Irene Suarez-Martinez

Senior Lecturer
Curtin University

Perth, WA

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Dr Irene Suarez-Martinez has been dedicated most of her career to the atomistic modelling of carbon materials. In collaboration with experimental chemists, physicists and engineers, she has investigated graphite, diamond, amorphous carbons and a range of carbon nanomaterials. She has won multiple prizes for her scientific outreach projects and particularly enjoys creating scientific artistic images.

Dr Irene Suarez-Martinez is a Senior Research Fellow at the Physics Department in Curtin University (Perth, Australia). Originally from Spain, Irene completed her PhD from University of Sussex (UK) in 2007. After a post-doc at the Institute of Materials of Nantes (France), she moved to Curtin University for her second post-doc in 2009. The year after, she obtained an ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (2010-2014). Her first daughter and her  ARC Future Fellowship award arrived almost at the same time in 2014. She currently has two daughters and lives in Perth.