Hannah Fraser

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Melbourne

Melbourne, VIC

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I am a Post-doctoral researcher working as research coordinator for Fiona Fidler’s repliCATS project with the Interdisciplinary Meta-Research Group (IMeRG) in the School of BioSciences at the University of Melbourne.The repliCATS project aims to develop more accurate, better-calibrated techniques to elicit expert assessment of the reliability of social science research.

My meta-research work involves working on a range of things aimed at understanding and redressing the reproducibility crisis. I am specifically interested in trying to improve reproducibility/replicability in ecology and related fields. I am most  proud of a paper we published on the rates of questionable research practices in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. The paper will hopefully be in the literature before too long but in the mean time, the headline is that we use questionable research practices a lot….but that’s the same as psychology researchers. The next thing on my list is working out how successful the Transparency and Openness Protocol (TOP) guidelines have been in increasing the openness of publications.