Gry Stene

Chief Orchestrator & Leading Learner
STEAM Engine Global

Perth, WA

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Gry Stene is an award-winning thought leader in digital transformation and product management. She leads businesses through significant change and transformation by translating between ‘geek speak’ and business.  Many people refer to her as ‘the Geek Whisperer’

Through her 30 remarkable and passionate years in the industry, Gry has pioneered technological innovation for social change. She brings that to life for audiences world-wide via her keynote speaking and in her role as mentor and coach to women and young people aspiring to what she calls ‘STEAM-powered’ careers.

Gry is co-founder of KinChip Systems, a digital health company, and she is currently setting up her next startup. She has honed her skills with Telstra Health, Oracle, Gemcom  (now Dassault), Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines, Viewlocity (now Axway) and more.

She holds a BSc (Hon) Computation from The University of Manchester, an MBA from The University of Western Australia and is currently working on a professional doctorate (DBA) at the University of Notre Dame where she is exploring how diversity and inclusion in tech can be measured and improved to create more meaningful products.

She connects globally and lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Gry identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.