Georgina Sauzier

Senior Lecturer
Curtin University

Perth, WA

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I am an early-mid-career academic in forensic and analytical chemistry at Curtin University, where I teach at all levels from first year to Masters. I currently coordinate several core units across the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Advanced Science and Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences. My teaching style is best described as conversational, with a focus on active engagement and questioning.

My research interests primarily lie in trace evidence analysis, document examination, and latent fingermark detection. However, I have also engaged in multi-disciplinary research in plant sciences and forensic education. I currently sit on the Western Australian committee of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society, and am a Section Editor for the open-access journal Forensic Science International: Reports.

I am enthusiastic about engaging public audiences of all ages with chemistry and forensics, as well as increasing the visibility of women in science. For this reason, I am a regular science communicator through social media, professional societies and science outreach events. In 2017 I was named a WA Fresh Science Finalist, in 2018 was the inaugural feature for the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI)’s newly launched “Member Spotlight” profile series, and in 2020 was the RACI Bayliss Youth Lecturer